The Perfect Venue

We are very blessed to have found the perfect home for the Wook Retreat!

For an event as special as the ReAwookaning, we decided to rent more of the property than we did last year, giving us even more room to camp and for fun activities!

This property really has it all when it comes to Wook retreat needs…

  • The Perfect festival template to be able to rent out private campsites, yurts, RV Spots, Kitchen Space, The Great Hall, ETC!
  • A Beautiful Main Stage that with forest vibes that will compete with any stage you’ve been to! 
  • Right smack in the middle of our Wook Market we’ve got a HUGE Firepit, a Heady Wooden Juice Bar, + Booths Galore
  • Water, Trees, Cabins

We can’t wait to share these wonderful days and nights with you out here on this beautiful property

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