Our Mission

Our mission is to combine our current Glass Show scene with the conscious festival scene that we grew up with, mainly from our Oregon Country Fair roots. In doing so we hope to blend the two communities seamlessly and enjoy multiple different forms of terpy activities for all of our guests to enjoy over a very special weekend. We also plan to give education, knowledge and a learning experience on our community for our guests.

Our History

The Wook Retreat is our oldest recurring glass show that we throw. Rooted in 2020 - The Wook Retreat was started the same year as Alder Brooke Glass Arts!

In the midst of planning the Wook Retreat V1, I remember finding myself at Darbys shop going over plans and ideas with him... 

I could barely get the dude to focus on anything else besides the multiple different brands of hash flavors I had with me. 

At that moment, I remember thinking to myself… even Darby is more enamored with these hash companies than he is the glass…

That’s when I thought of the idea to feature hash maker logos on the flier with the glass artist logos!

And boom, with that, that’s how our Hash n Glass shows took off!

When year 2 of The Wook Retreat came around… I knew this was the perfect event to start implementing more live music into. We had already dabbled in having multiple live DJs ever since our first Shred Show in 2021…

We then leveled up in year two of the Wook retreat by hosting twice as many musicians than we ever had in the passed, as well as some vocal musical performances… not just DJs.

This year for The Wook Retreat V3 “The ReAwookaning” we will be going all out! Pushing ourselves passed boundaries we could have only dreamed of. 

While we’re staying with our roots and featuring some of our favorite Oregon Glass Blowers and Hash Makers… we are making a couple of very exciting STATEMENT additions to the lineup from out of Oregon.

In the music realm, we will be hosting our most impressive and diverse lineup of artists yet. 

Conscious Uplifting Hip Hop, Slaptual Music, Funk, Live Instruments, and multiple different forms of Bass Music are a couple of the genres we’re excited to hear throughout the weekend

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